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Upcoming banking conversion:

In the Spring, YNCU will undergo an exciting change when we convert the London banking system to the same one used by our other 16 branches.  For details go to  The staff you have always known will be in training over the coming weeks to be ready for this change, and will be able to answer any of your questions. 

What’s new?

What's great about being part of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union?

You can continue to visit the office at the train station, or visit any other YNCU branch when you're away from home.  You'll find all the branches here:

As part of the merger, the CN branch will be converted onto the same banking system as the rest of YNCU, but for now things will stay the same.

We've alligned our service charges and rates as much as possible in the short term, and everything will be consistent following the conversion.

We'll mail information to you when we get closer to the date, and we'll also update you about those changes here on this site.

For general news and rate specials, you can visit the YNCU website.  As a YNCU member, feel free to look around! You'll find news and updates right on the front page:

As part of a larger credit union, you have much more choice for your everyday banking, borrowing and saving.  Here's a look at what we can offer you:

If you prefer the personal touch, come into the credit union office at the train station, and we'll get you started!


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